Edition 2019

Over an Islay Rainbow


Bottled in Scotland in 2019

Cask N° n.d.

Just n. 204 bottles in 70 cl. size
Just n. 36 bottles in 75 cl. size
Alc. 45% Vol.

Together with it twin spirit, our Over an Islay Rainbow has established itself as a must in our range. For those who are new to our spirits, this blend might strike them as illogical, and yet today more than ever, in this our fiftieth anniversary year, it represents the very essence of our company philosophy: to use great single malts from the island of Islay, blending them to create this peaty, strong spirit that represents the synthesis of the three bisectors of the Single malts, its ancestry. Peat, potency and elegance. A maternal, intense, soft character. Savouring the rich and potent nature of its character, on the nose we detect Lapsang Souchong green tea leaves, dates and biscuit. Opening up on the palate, it reveals an enveloping roundness and keeps the taste buds busy at length with sweet, caressing sensations. The finish is fresh and persistent with distinctive notes of hay, which completes and defines rhubarb sweets in a long, lingering farewell. If we were to picture it, it would be a gently rolling hill on a late sunny afternoon; freshly cut grass drying as hay, in the shade of a pergola. We are served tea and toast with maple syrup. We like to escape and throw ourselves headlong into a day where after a light rain shower, a rainbow we will never forget appears from nowhere, along with the person we will never forget, with all the love in the world, equally unforgettable.