Bottled in Scotland
in September 2015

Cask N° 367

Just n.180 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 43% Vol.

This Whisky is statuesque, gladiatorial, a legionnaire marching on Limes of the Empire. In his eyes flow the mileage covered, the countries crossed and the war fought. Over the rampart a mysterious, primordial, magnetic horizon who calls us and supports the stronger man’s desire. The desire to explore , overcome , achieve... The nose is refined. It is asymmetrical, made of opposing flavors that overlap one another: wax and peat moss and dry earth. Saline sensations , but also sweet like vanilla and fruity. Complex, it explodes in your mouth, but myrtle, juniper berry and a buttery sweetness dissolves the initial austere character. The sweet notes round and soften the shape, the smoky notes hold up the structure.