Bottled in Scotland in 2018

Cask N° 901545

Just n. 270 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 45% Vol.

For the second time, our ranks are swelled by a grain spirit that last year astonished every latitude where the sun rises on Samaroli gems. In our tastings, it provided incontrovertible evidence of how ageing transforms and improves in an astounding way, debunking countless myths and showing that grain whiskies too can reach intriguing levels of richly nuanced complexity. I've often caught the wide-eyed looks of disbelief as soon as the nose registers the opening tones. Like perfect jigsaw puzzle pieces, yielding, sulphury and karstic scents fit together perfectly to harmonize the shoulders and skeleton of its “metallic” character. Flighty at first on the palate, but wait just a few minutes and the same tones that intrigued our nose moments earlier evolve, revealing their complexity. In addition, sour tones of candied orange peel and salted butter accompany a resonant after-taste… it reminded me of those foods cooked in copper pots, of an old-fashioned flavour of yesteryear.