Glen Grant


Bottled in Scotland
in 2013

Cask N° 6588

Just n. 142 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 45 % Vol.

For the sherry lovers this bottle may represent the non plus ultra. A balanced , harmonious and asymmetrical spirit. The aging of forty years has been able to harmonize and support this growth in an excellent way, infact the sherry butt become a part of an perfect orchestra . We find an evolution of tones typical Speyside, fruit, spicy and floral notes reach their maxi- mum expression and maturity. Everything explodes on the palate, a overwhel- ming rhythm, a rainbow of sensation: leather, honey, dried fruit, yeast, cream and balsamic and medicines. We feel dragged into a pantry where the housewife holds the most precious secrets. The notes are made more mature, complete and defined from the refining in bottle began on October 2013. This is the III RELEASE and unfortunately the last of an extraordinary and unrepeatable barrel.