Edition 2016

Ferry to Islay


Bottled in Scotland
in June 2016

Cask N° n.d.

Just n. 340 bottles in 70 cl. size
Just n. 120 bottles in 75 cl. size
Alc. 55,10% Vol.

We are proud that this idea born on a gloomy summer day on the ferry to Islay, has become a classic of our bottlings. We are in love with the desire to experiment, to create unique and non-replicable spirits. Two malts. Islay children, two distinct and distant generations walking together hand in hand. Behind him, the millennial Scotland, proud of its traditions and origins. In front the future, the desire to innovate, to convey, to share experiences, passions, mistakes and successes. We invite you to memorize every facet, every edge, every corner... This blended is linked to the previous and to the future editions but is unique. Symmetry. In fact, round and sweet notes soften the shape, the smoky notes hold up the structure. On the nose the bouquet opens musky and earthy and evolves in vanilla, mint, powder and fresh fruit. Pungent on the palate, a balsamic opening that instantly turns to iodine and peaty tones, naturally the excess of alcohol characterizes it and holds it together with rhythm and elegance. Powerful and explosive, it leaves us with a rich and juicy aftertaste.