Edition 2019

Ferry to Islay


Bottled in Scotland in 2019

Cask N° n.d.

Just n. 180 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 55,10% Vol.

Together with it twin spirit, our Ferry to Islay has established itself as a must in our range. For those who are new to our spirits, this blend might strike them as illogical, and yet today more than ever, in this our fiftieth anniversary year, it represents the very essence of our company philosophy: to use great single malts from the island of Islay, blending them to create this peaty, strong spirit that represents the synthesis of the three bisectors of the Single malts, its ancestry. Peat, potency and elegance. We awaited the result of this bottling with trepidation and anxiety, but as soon as we tasted it, our fear turned into satisfaction and jubilation. Even if we say so ourselves, we have done an excellent job. Think of it as a sailor, one who has spent more time at sea than on dry land. A loved one who we rarely hear from, but know we can always rely on. A bright fire on the deck of a ship that casts light over an old shipping map, dog-eared from endless journeys. On the nose, the bouquet opens with musky and earthy notes. Then, joining the chorus of sensations, comes the voice of softness with vanilla and complex fruity overtones, which open up completely on the palate. A taste explosion of myrtle, juniper berry and a buttery sweetness of pollen softens the initial harsh character. Sweet notes bring a gentle roundness, while smoky notes shore up the structure: this is a happy marriage of smoke and cream. It is the scent of heather buffeted by the salty sea breeze.