Edition 2017



Bottled in Scotland
in July 2017

Cask N° n.d.

Just n. 320 bottles in 70 cl. size
Just n. 72 bottles in 75 cl. size
Alc. 55,10% Vol.

If there's one thing whisky has taught us…it's that time flies…We're proud that this idea, which came to us one dismal, 'dreich' summer on the ferry crossing to Islay, has become a true classic among our bottlings, indeed this is the third edition. We love experimenting, creating unique spirits that cannot be replicated.Two malts. Sons of Islay from two such distinct and distant generations that walk arm-in-arm. Behind them, ancient Scotland, so proud of it traditions and origins.
This version gives a more austere impression, with a less oily mouth-feel and reined-in lavishness. It's reminiscent of a burgundy wine of one of those harder-than-usual vintages…A stiff military nose, standing ramrod straight in its uniform. Whiffs of smoked wood and peat, through to inky impressions.Aromas of salt and iodine as rough as the stone of an old fireplace mean this liquid doesn't slip down smoothly, indeed the tongue has to push the spirit back with determination before it can savour the millenary flavour of its aftertaste.
Those Venetian quaysides that waved off saints, hermits, merchants, rulers, crusaders…men.
Welcome to the world of Samaroli.