Bottled in Scotland in 2018

Cask N° 2514

Just n. 391 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 45% Vol.

A gentleman from days of yore, a shadow moving through the fog, materialising with a top hat, a flower and tails…. Here is typical Highland style, genuine style, that of quintessentially British character…Victorian British. A mix of northern counties countryside and Oxford Street Circus barber shop. Aromas of enamel and leather, dare I say, leather with ferrous overtones. The impression of the scents on the palate is so sharp, it's like the feel of a razor blade on skin. Taste it, and the grinding of gears springs to mind. Just as copper conducts heat in cooking, this metallic vein carries pungent scents of hot spices, of bark, roots and citrus fruits. “...Addio, addio al mondo ai ricordi del passato, ad un sogno mai sognato, ad un attimo d’amore che mai più ritornerà. Song "Vecchio Frack" - Domenico Modugno 1955