Caol Ila


Bottled in Scotland in 2018

Cask N° 313175

Just n. 358 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 49% Vol.

How can we not yearn to escape to those remote patches of land, where all our senses are reawakened, far from the stresses and helter-skelter of everyday life? On Islay everything is different… from form itself and therefore substance… light and therefore colours, aromas and therefore emotions, noises and therefore impressions, echoes and therefore our own voice. Everything changes. Nothing stands still, as Caol Ila proves. Expertly dosed, the wood hastened its swift evolution, ideally preparing it for early bottling. Grassy and salty tones are the first in a rich succession of aromas that challenge your skills of perception and imagination. A stroll along the coast, with the wind carrying ocean scents and the sound of the waves. On the palate, fresh yeast… a Parisian boulangerie early in the morning: salted butter and iodine tones that keep a respectful distance, elegant and enveloping.