Bottled in Scotland
in September 2015

Cask N° 5877

Just n. 286 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 45% Vol.

It’s an elegant and eclecticcountry dream. It brings to mind the character and the various facets of a thoroughbred stallion The Bouquet is rich in mature and evolvedtoneslike the smell of an old  stable consumed by the coming and going of hooves, bridles, farriers and blacksmiths. Get carried away… please. Come back in childhood when imagination was enough to discover the world. It’s impetuous but at the same time clear. Mature but lively. Great character and deep as the ocean. Mighty like a galloping horse. Hard and soft, clean and at the same time wide. Very penetrating and refinedon the palate. Perfectly balanced, very aromatic, infinite persistence and the right balance between sweet and bitter