Bottled in Scotland
in June 2016

Cask N° n.6084

Just n. 245 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 47,1% Vol.

Oh captain my captain... Forced to be austere and authoritarian, the captain in the silence of the ocean watch the stars to calculate distances and time. He doesn’t know but he drags the ship, but also... men... dreams... hopes... desire for redemption... We see the captain on the deck with a pipe, companion in a thousand adventures, watching upward... Tools, maps, plants, obsessive thought on the route, peering the currents and the clouds on the ho-rizon... will they come? He knows it. The sky seems bigger and bigger, moves and breathes to the rhythm of a deafening silence, as a book leafed through by the wind alternates stars, planets, galaxies, and the desire to love, to be as much as possible and as close as possible to infinity. Tones of herbs, vanilla, licorice and leather in the back-ground surround the alcohol structure that supports the whole as the Atlas. Remarkable persistence in the mouth, the typical Islay’s salinity with grace and elegance is com-bined with salted butter and bread crust... almost an old champagne yeast.Complex, the myrtle and the Mediter-ranean herbs explode in the mouth, but still maintains a buttery sweetness. A pasty but crispy honey, the sweet notes that refine it must be waited, as a vase that takes shape, as the safe route that for sure our captain will take.