Bottled in Scotland in 2018

Cask N° 165700

Just n. 227 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 49,50% Vol.

Year after year, our faithful fellow traveller. This season once again, Braeval swells our impressive ranks. As handsome as an 18th century officer making a dawn inspection of the chosen battlefield. As reassuring as a lifelong friend and companion. As floral as a Monet garden. We love bottling this Speyside because it epitomises our style. Floral persistence and fruity tones jostle for the front row. A late-Spring meadow with occasional yellowing patches, like the odd powdery tone that comes through later on the nose, utterly seducing us. The palate wins us over. It's a pity to drink it; it deserves unhurried contemplation. Mint, rosemary and herbs with mature tones, hints of chocolate and fresh leather. What we're sipping is an essence, a spirit that's “just 24 years old” and that once again teaches us what having the patience to wait means. A LITTLE COMMA MAKES A DIFFERENCE… As long as you're expecting it.