Bottled in Scotland
in June 2016

Cask N° n.165655

Just n. 240 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 45% Vol.

In 2016 we got the third Breval 1994 bottling. We have further confirmation of how each malt whiskey barrel lives a parallel life but different. As parallel universes each barrel evolves, has a common beginning and a common goal, but the path and the declinations are endless. It is like a piano keyboard, the keys are 88, the pianist is infinite. The reassuring nose, fully reflects the Samaroli’s genome, elegance. Floral persistence alternates with fruit tones. The spicy and dusty trends of pink pepper and cocoa lull us like the waves of a lonely beach. Fortunately the palate does not betray us, indeed welcomes us into his arms. Pungent rhythm, rich in solos... oregano, mint, raisins... A coastal summer table, where there is room for everyone. Simply, shockingly, surprisingly... Wonderful!!!