Allt a bhainne


Bottled in Scotland
in June 2016

Cask N° n.900154

Just n. 490 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 43% Vol.

Inhabitant and traveler of a new world that in a few decades has changed more than in 10 centuries. Young, beautiful, no makeup, rich and full of enthusiasm because his naivety. It brings with him the curiosity, the desire to live a backpack full of projects dreams and ideas. Cosmopolitan citizen with no preconceptions, in the center of a global village. We have to enjoy it generously aware that being young does have its limitations, the character is to smooth and polish. Let’s go back to what we were, we have to have fun and get carried away by his enthusiasm, like when we go on a ride after long time and we forgot for a moment what we are. Elusive in the glass, like a madman running towards the train leaving, the first scents and perfumes sting the nostrils. Carob and in particular ink, a brand new passport which receives the first stamp. The nose is a bit lacqued, glossy, we can say enamelled. The taste is aromatic, thyme, rosemary, mint and sage’s tones surprise us. Roaring like a fresh wood fire.A little spicy, charming and provocative depth if we leave the time to express themselves. To the young people who have paid the bill for all. The bill presented by the igno-rance and violence of those people who are afraid of the new and changes.