Bottled in Scotland in 2020

Cask N° 4

Just n. 317 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 45% Vol.

We welcome a new arrival to our collection of Rum. A 12-year-old rhum agricole from Martinique. Until 1502 year in which the island of Martinique discovered, the indigenous Caribs that populated this wonderful paradise , used to call it ”island of flowers.” Little more than a century later, the French brought sugar cane and slaves, chasing the global demand of sugar. Through colonial rule and exploitation, the Rum of Martinique is born. A very trenchant distillate, one that embodies the island’s two seasons--wet and dry. At first, it warms the nose with chocolate, black cherry, almond, and dried fruit tones. Then, as if they were lingering in the background, sensations of maple, cherries, and menthol make their presence known. On the palate, it’s enveloping: it takes on balsamic notes, but the prevailing sensations are tobacco, vanilla, and licorice. Suddenly, the humidity and moisture of the wet season gives way to the dry heat…. I have no heroes, except flowers and children (Marty Rubin)