Bottled in Scotland in 2020

Cask N° n.d.

Just 256 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 45,00% Vol.

We have reached the umpteenth edition of a Rum already accustomed to attending Samaroli world. We have given form and substance to a character conflict, a love-hate relationship between two spirits who initially loved each other and then constantly fought and contrasted. "The ark" that allowed the marriage to take place was the alliance between the wood and the barometer. The new barrel and the climate of Scotland gave us a Rum to study, to discover and then love. Round and angular at the same time, it comes with sweet flavours such as custard, hazelnut and sparkling mineral flavours, a sort of rock corroded by sea salt that contaminates the fresh water of the river, which flows from the mountains through the hills and the countryside to the sea. Two stories, two lives and two different "Forma mentis" that attract and repel each other... Nose of freshly baked margarine cake floating on a mineral and spicy background Pungent taste, rough at first round and buttery in the final aftertaste. Love those who hate you. Lev Tolstoj