Bottled in Scotland
in July 2017

Cask N° n.66

Just n. 318 bottles in 75 cl. size
Alc. 45% Vol.

These Rums, dark Demeraras, are truly “damned”: they encourage and tempt our dreamer tendencies, that part of us that longs to escape, that's eager to try to live without rules or rather without the need for rules. That same part of human nature that characterises explorers and revolutionaries, saints and heroes…even the pursuit of the sacred and abandonment to the profane. What strange creatures, human beings constantly battling the dark sides…. Dark, just like this demerara dark rum. Where to find clarity and balance?… perhaps in love?… Yes, in love, the only feeling and element that's truly immeasurable. Warm spiced aromas and minerals define the beginning. It then slowly reveals warm, well-developed tones. Fruity undertones, lingering aromas on the palate with an aftertaste of wild mint and liquorice. It has a surprising charm: it's winning and persuasive, drawing us in and then retreating only to return again to find us where it had left us, and so on without tiring, but with crisp energy.