Bottled in Scotland in 2021

Cask N° 134

Just 423 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 48,00% Vol.

2002 seems very recent but this rum has been waiting and evolving in a barrel for almost twenty years in Scotland. The age in which everything is possible reminds us of how a girl who arrived in the city early twentieth century and conquered the world. Very sinuous and light distillate like a Parisian spring afternoon. Elegant and confident like the gaze of the model who parades. Approaching the nose, do not worry if it does not seem like a rum. Our rums are like that. Don't be surprised if it looks like a whisky. Blame it to our love affair with Scotland; don't think we're crazy. We’re simply Italians in love with genius and fascinated by madness ... Elegant, sparkling, balsamic bouquet. A synthesis of hilarious fragrances. The scent of a tropical river, where the heat and humidity regulate the perceptive abilities of our senses. On the palate? That scent of monsoon rain, sensation of burnt water, where powder, vanilla, tropical fruit and lavender stand out. The aftertaste is rich in tones of cocoa and dried fruit. “A man can wear what he wants. He will always remain a woman's accessory.” Coco Chanel