Bottled in Scotland in 2020

Cask N° 5868

Just n. 381 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 45% Vol.

Everyone has a loved one, a rare person, a diamond indeed. Years of waiting and searching lead us to her. The value of time in a world where everything is instantaneous. When Europe was the centre of the world, in its ports, after months of travelling, goods, commodities and treasures from all over the world arrived. Across the Atlantic to Spain. Through the silk routes and the ports of the Middle East to Venice. From India to London and Amsterdam. We tried to think of this rum in this perspective. A treasure, a rare gem, a multifaceted diamond, intriguing, bewitching, but at the same time firm, in its greatness, a certainty. Love or hate, without half measures, to grab before it's too late. The nose is elusive, a crescendo from Rossinian overture with tones of oregano, mint and resin. In the mouth it conquers and seduces us evolving into an elegant 18th century waltz. From all the Byzantium tiara, only one pearl has left, but it is the most beautiful: Venice