Edition 2017



Bottled in Scotland
in July 2017

Cask N° n.d.

Just n. 420 bottles in 70 cl. size
Just n. 264 bottles in 75 cl. size
Alc. 45% Vol.

Life goes by so quickly, always changing, varying, shape-shifting.
Hope… You must never abandon the hope of being able to share it with kindred spirits. Just like the sun, which always come out after a storm…. So we too, must keep faith and always find the courage to keep going. This rum is dedicated to all those who had faith in the new Samaroli and above all to “my” woman from across the ocean who has always been there to support me!!! A rum in great ferment. A protester. A hippy from Woodstock. Floral on the nose, but rough and oily on the palate. Light in colour, elegant and peaceful. Never intrusive or aggressive. Tones of tabasco, paprika, flowers and mint penetrate the nostrils. A punch right in the face,… but we're pacifists. We don't retaliate. We wait patiently for the storm to abate and the sun to come out. More subtle tones begin to come through and are confirmed on the palate. Honey, nutmeg, freshly burned wood in the open countryside. All to the rhythm of soul music, blaring out at full volume in a Cadillac convertible travelling along route 69 in search of adventure… with a special person: Taking our time, we cruise through places immortalised by the movies of our adolescence. Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Arizona…. and at long last California, the Pacific…another world!!!
For Lia…
"I want to know. Have you ever seen the rain. Comin' down on a sunny day?"
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Pendulum 1970