Bottled in Scotland in 2020

Cask N° 75

Just n. 313 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 50% Vol.

In our opinion, we are now faced with an exceptional and unique rum. A very particular sugar cane distillate (agricole) from Brazil, a perfect distillation. By taming a higher alcohol content, we find ourselves in harmony. For the density and richness of this distillate now finds itself with a lighter step. With this levity, we reach closer to a true encapsulation of what makes this rum unique. Through the Scoish climate and the cask, the aging has lent us even greater complexities resulting in a more fascinating end result. It’s a rum that rises from our glass up towards the nose with a forceful elegance. It captivates us as it leaves a trail of floral scents from the baptismal liturgy of the old testament. This fragrance, though pronounced, does not aack. Instead, it fades with magnetic charm. In the mouth, we find fruits and spices, as if the flower buds have begun to bloom. The newly-blossomed flowers open up, overflowing on the sides of the palate with tones that are at once sweet and fat nature in harmony.