Antonio Bleve

Samaroli today… After a long time of collaboration between Bleve’s family and the Samaroli company, in 2008 after a period of internship Antonio Bleve , always in love with the Samaroli company and its philosophy , with courage slowly took over in commercial management and in production of Samaroli. A challenge that takes time and tenacity, a bet every time launched to the market of the great spirits, more and more exclusive and competitive. It is always exciting to look for the great spirits and to discover the best lot, to evaluate the assembly methods, the maturation timing, the ageing, the gradations, similarities and differences. A job more and more addictive for us, only at the end of it we can consider our whiskey, our rum, our labels , our brand suitable for you. Where we come from.... I met the Samaroli company the first time when I was child that introduced me to the world of the artisan producers of the Highlands and small north Atlantic islands. A little world, unreachable and inaccessible in which are produced the most precious and rare spirits. And thanks to its enormous knowledge, thanks to its taste and its passion, tasting after tasting, barrel after barrel, Samaroli became a world landmark of great malts of Scotland and Rum from the most exotic and extreme origins. From 2008 to now it has been an intense period . Period in which we were rebuilding the network of trade relations. There have been some missteps that have helped us to grow and to learn more about the world. The road is always difficult and uphill when quality is the ultimate goal and ethics and morality are the cardinal points. Let's say that we measured our mentality with worlds and markets that had never been explored and pioneering spirit. Assisted by the workaholic and fearless Francesco Saverio Binetti, now I can brag that our “jewels” are in the most important windows and behind the most prestigious counters in Italy and in 20 countries on all continents. Where we go… Our team now sees the synergy of Federica’s experience, the passion and the desire to grow of Daniele and Davide. I am convinced that, with the collaboration and support of our customers, our fans, our partners, our suppliers and all those who have joined the Samaroli's World, we will win the major challenge which is to be proud of our folly in a world where the great become great and where little is cut off. We don’t want to appear different from what we are but we want to be present. We aspire to be your loyal travel and testing mate. We simply ask you to remember us when you discover our products, when you savour the scents, the flavours, the taste, the flavour... Antonio Bleve_firma digitale


Samaroli, no alcohol

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Our spirits are history, tradition and  time’s heritage. Excellences that we select and propose



We are passionate researchers, before being merchants
Our products are always in limited quantities, our offer are always different and unique

Do not ask us for brand standards and for the same shopping options, it would be like asking a painter to paint always the same painting.

Uniqueness always oriented to the highest degree of perfection


We like the idea that our selections are …